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Looking to establish a memorable and unique brand that sets you apart from the competition? Look no further than my branding services. With over 5 years of experience working with a diverse range of brands, including big names like Kevin O'Leary and Amy Marks, I am confident in my ability to deliver exceptional branding solutions tailored to your specific needs.

My expertise extends across the entire branding spectrum, from brand development to logo design and everything in between. Thanks to my time spent at a digital marketing agency with over 200 active clients, I have honed my skills and streamlined my processes to ensure maximum efficiency and results. In fact, I have produced over 40 logos and developed a dedicated brand department, all while generating more than $2.5 million in gross sales.

I don't just stop at branding, either. I also have experience in crafting effective content strategies, creating compelling advertising campaigns, and building engaging websites. And, with my vast experience in numerous industries, I am uniquely equipped to help you inject personality and charm into your brand.

With my experience, expertise, and creative flair, I am confident that I can help you develop a brand that truly stands out from the crowd. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help take your brand to the next level.



& After


All services and proposals are curated to your exact needs! A discovery call is required to get started on any of the following services.


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Brand Consultation


2 Hr Strategy Session

Let's understand your brand history, strategy, and current goals. I'll help set you up for the next steps, whether with me or your internal team.

Great for: Startups, Rebrands, GTM Strategies, Large Projects


Branding + The Works

discovery call required

4 Weeks

Everything in the previous packages as well as an animated logo to use, curated photo asset guide, website homepage design, and a brand guide PDF booklet.

10% off all future projects



starts at $2,500

2 Weeks

This package includes a brand consultation, 2 brand directions, and finalized style guide that goes over artistic direction, logo variations, mood board, typographic hierarchy, color palette, real-life mockups, and any stylistic elements unique to your brand.

30min Discovery Call

2hrs of Strategy Session

2 Preliminary Mood Boards

2 Branded Directions

2 Rounds of Revisions each w/ 30min Discussion Sessions

10% off next project


Website Refresh

starts at $500

discovery call required

2–3+ Weeks

Pay for a redesign of what your homepage could look like with the opportunity to add on as many pages as you'd like.


Branding + Essentials

starts at $3000

2 – 3 Weeks

This package includes everything stated in the Branding Package but with marketing collateral: business cards, letterhead template, stickers, and one piece of collateral of your choice! Need a flyer? Let's do it!

30min Discovery Call

2hrs of Strategy Session

2 Preliminary Mood Boards

2 Branded Directions

1 Business Card, Letterhead Template, Sticker + Custom Piece Design

2 Rounds of Revisions each w/ 30min Discussion Sessions

10% off next project

ClearFastMockup-Side Angle 1.png

Custom Proposal

discovery call required

Let's get together to understand your specific needs and work through timelines and solutions!


Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 7.21.01 PM.png

Danielle Leucht
Owner/CEO Of The Sunflowers

Biggest thank you to Rose Ross Design... she was too easy to work with and really took the time to figure out what makes me tick... she captured exactly what I was envisioning! My heart is so happy you are a blessing to me thank you, thank you!


I fought so long if I even needed a logo or branding, I mean I went without for a year… and what I’ve realized is that I am my brand! I feel like Rose captured me and my heart in these designs and that makes me so happy. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 10.15.11 PM.png

Keisha Campbell
Owner/Founder of The Black Berry Cafe

When we hired Rose and her team to help with branding our coffee shop I had a couple of expectations. I expected to get colors and logos and design elements. I also expected to get ideas on how to share our concept with our target customers. What I did NOT expect was that Rose, after a couple of zoom calls, would be able to peer into my soul so deeply and extract the very essence of a dream that I lacked words or images to describe.

She gathered cues from my business plan, tone, body language, limited creative expression, and a random Pinterest board and created something magical. Our logo, design elements, and branding are SPOT ON!!! One of the most impressive features of the work is that this project required her to deeply immerse herself and gather the voice and the vibe of a DOPE coffee shop that honors and celebrates Black people and OUR culture.


Well done, sister. Well done. (Insert hugs)


Kevin O'Leary
Founder of Mr.Wonderful, O'Leary Ventures, and many more startups

In reference to my rebrand direction and the product proposal
“blueprint is going to change the marketing industry..”

*** Blueprint is a product I pioneered at C2 with a small team to help showcase all of our projects in a proposal-type presentation. It is now used for all of KOL's ventures.

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