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My Role

Local entrepreneurs came to me looking for help navigating how to begin a brand. After consultations and planning a GTM strategy of how to best position, I started executing the design. They had requested custom illustrations, a logo, and package design.



Adobe - 
Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop



target audience

Women/Men, Ages 18-60, North County San Diego Population, Leucadia Community, Community Supports, Local Restaurant Owners, Local Market Owners


Sauc.d makes curated vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and all-organic sauces for local restaurants and offers online buying in bulk as well. They are well-entwined with the Encinitas restaurant industry and incorporate their sauces into chef's specials. 

Branded Mood Board

Inspired by surfer grunge, fine lines, and Greco-Roman statues I wanted the branding to feel elegant yet edgy. The colors were muted versions of the sauce mixed with earth tones to help reinforce the "garden to table" organic approach. 


Middle Aged Woman in White Blouse

Restauranteer Rene

PERSONA 1: Restaurant Owners
Sex: Female + Male
Age: 30-55
Location: San Diego County, Ca
Titles: CEO, Owner, Founder
User Behaviors: Forbes, City Council, Foodie, Multi-business owner


Foodie Frankie

PERSONA 2: San Diego Locals
Sex: Female + Male
Age: 18-65
Location: Leucadia, Ca
User Behaviors: Foodie, Taste of Leucadia, Food Tours, Vegan, Health + Fitness, Influencer, Instagram Food Accounts, Guy Fieri Fan


Brand Consulting

Branding + Identity

Brand Positioning

Logo Design

Marketing Collateral

Label Design

Package Design

Custom Illustrations

Brand Positioning

Sauc.d is a company founded by a local chef whose specialty is creating a variety of vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and organic sauces that are used by high-end restaurants and sold at local farmer's markets. Leucadia prides itself in their entrepreneurs and organically sourced brands so incorporating that into the brand was essential.


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