san benito hemp co.


San Benito Hemp Co. uses a unique process to extract CBD through a solvent-less process and prides itself on educating the public about what they should be aware of when purchasing CBD. The imagery is overlayed softly with SB's primary cardinal red to enforce the feelings of calmness, warmth, and to stand out amongst competitors. Their symbol is often ghosted in imagery or incorporated as a shape when displaying products. The product is versatile, aesthetically simple, and straightforward forward so the imagery is the same. Imagery should be either lifestyle, benefit, or product-focused.

target audience

Women/Men, Ages 21-50, US, Patients suffering from arthritic pain, anxiety, blood pressure, inflammation, depression, chronic pain, seizures, insomnia, menstrual pain, and neurodegenerative diseases. Pet owners, Jobs with Mid-range salary 60k - 100k, and health-conscious individuals. 


San Benito Hemp Co. Absolute CBD is a revolutionary, bioactive, non-CO2 or non-ethanol extracted CBD oil created using a unique TRUE solvent-less process pioneered by their company. This embodies their brand by showing the natural nature of how CBD can change anyone's life for the better. 


programmatic advertising.

At C Squared our approach was to utilize our tools so that ads will display on all the most popular digital platforms, social channels, mobile apps, and websites. Programmatic ads can be displayed anywhere from websites while browsing online to Spotify, Hulu, and more. These ads show the variation in formatting to make sure the CTA is concise and clear no matter the ad space. SB Hemp Co. was the perfect client to use programmatic for because of the limited regulations on cannabis for advertising - which can be difficult across other digital ad platforms. 


social media.

As a VIP client, I created 22 posts a month - 4 carousels, 2 motion, and 16 static images. A lot of the information was informative but interesting and fun - with a lifestyle or infographic direction. These were all to boost engagement and have the viewer interact through scrolling through carousels or watching the motion graphics.