MultiBrain is bold and smart yet playful which is being conveyed by the vibrant color palette. The softer, pastel approach to a C M Y K helps speak to the feminity of the audience but still stays confident and true to the industry and creativity aspect of the platform.

Website Collaboration with UI/UX Designer, Matt Hawes.

target audience

Women, Ages 25-50, Social Media Marketing Managers, Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Directors of Marketing, & Small Business Owners


MultiBrain is a social media software company enabling independent business owners and large businesses to convert social media engagement into actionable business development. 


The embellishments and iconography represent the different tools that can be used to easily edit and stylize your posts. 

The evolution of bringing the C M Y K color palette into the design is an oxymoron and a tribute to the original form of print and advertising as the owner has a background in print production. 


web + mobile.

The first step after branding was to start working with the UI/UX and web development team to make sure consistency was kept in the brand and all elements brought onto the website. 



In digital advertising - the approach is always that research shows you only have a few seconds to capture your audience's attention. One of the methods used to "stop the scroll" is to provoke engagement. Utilizing carousels is a great way to educate without overcrowding information and to showcase different objectives on each slide.