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"We loved what you guys did with our website and branding. Great job." 


Adobe - 
Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop



Agency: C Squared Social
Client: Multibrain
Branding & Art Direction: Rose Ross
Collaborators: Evan Gillig
Marketing Strategist: Shannon Kalbfleisch
Copywriter: Tyler Brewington
UI/UX Design: Matt Hawes w/ Rose Ross


Brand Consulting

Logo Redesign

Rebranding, Colors, Typography

Magazine Advertisement

Organic Social Designs

Website Graphic Designs

Tradeshow Design

Ad Campaign Designs

MultiBrain is bold and smart yet playful which is conveyed by the vibrant color palette. The softer, pastel approach to a C M Y K helps speak to the feminity of the audience but still stays confident and true to the industry and creativity aspect of the platform.

target audience

Women, Ages 25-50, Social Media Marketing Managers, Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Directors of Marketing, & Small Business Owners


MultiBrain is a social media software company enabling independent business owners and large businesses to convert social media engagement into actionable business development.