high intention products.


HIP’s products are all about quality, positive energy, and intention. We want to emulate that message with sleek, modern typography and photography. Images and other design elements take their cues from the natural world,

incorporating warm colors, natural lighting, and earth tones. We’ll showcase the placement of amethyst crystals in the refillable bottles, and amethyst’s beauty, purity, and healing properties will be portrayed in both actual and abstract representations.

target audience

Women, Ages 25-50, Surfers/Mind-Body Yogis, and Homeopathic occupations. Well-established, Health Conscious Individuals looking for Natural Alternatives.  


Introducing a new way to bring the healing energy of crystals into your cleansing ritual. Our shampoo and conditioner products are charged with the power of ethically sourced amethyst crystals to stimulate your crown chakra. We provide luxury hair care with the highest intentions.

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The aesthetic of the family's home and business endeavors have a similar color scheme and feel so making sure this product line aligns with the natural tones - inviting pops of color when needed - was very important. While in product development it was a challenge to sculpt the mockup design for a bottle / create advertising when it wasn't yet created. With the help of photoshop, I was able to give an abstract representation of the direction they'd like to take the product.



High Intention Products are made from humanely sourced, vegan, all-natural materials. Their earth tone colors reflect the organic nature of their business yet are still very neutral. 

The "stamp" or "badge" is a variation to be used on the packaging, ghosted in the background, or for light accents in conjunction with the logo. 

The typography includes a classic high contrast hairline serif that has rounded edges to reinforce the organic feel of the brand.