Bright, friendly, and educational graphics to keep prospective clients intrigued and engaged. The use of established brand colors, iconography, and indicators creates visual consistency, which helps to build trust and reinforce brand identity. The art direction took into consideration what competitors are doing well – or poorly – along with some vibrant travel imagery as inspiration for the aesthetic. We want to make sure the ads and content feed appeals to both partners in the relationship. 

Website Collaboration with UI/UX Designer, Matt Hawes.

target audience

Women/Men, Ages 30-60, with $1m in Investible Assets. Registered Investment Advisors in the Midwest.


ViaWealth designs portfolios for individual investors, institutions, and charitable endowments. They elevate the client experience across customized portfolio design and comprehensive financial planning to ensure they are prepared for When Life and Finance Meet.

The goal of the art direction and website was to help the brand target more women and make wealth management inclusive for partners and family members

to help create generational wealth and relationships with each client. All imagery was to be aspirational and showcase the wealth you can create for yourself. 

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digital ads

carousel ad

other ads

brand guidelines

After auditing their brand and seeing the creative ads that were made for them, ViaWealth wanted to move forward with my creative direction and brand guidelines were commissioned. 

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