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C Squared Social

My Role

In my role as the Brand Design Manager at C Squared Social and spearheading the brand department, I was tasked with reimagining our company's branding. Although the new branding is in the making, this ended up being my favorite iteration after our blueprint.

Onboarding our agency as a client and walking through company history and yearly goals from the CEOs. Working internally with team to develop personas, marketing strategies, and design execution based on demographics and objectives.
Main objective is aligning goals, art direction, and demographics.  



Adobe - 
Acrobat, After Effects, Dimension, Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, XD


Brand Consulting

Branding & Identity

Logo Design

Marketing Collateral

Ad Campaign Design

Organic Social Design

Overall, the goal was to reimagine the overall look and feel of the brand and create brand consistency across all platforms. The strategy was to position C2 as thought leaders in the space by providing intentional content - quality over quantity.


Part of that would mean incorporating more lifestyle and humanistic approaches through our content - highlighting experts like Latasha. This would create brand trust with better use of case studies and highlighting client work.

 We'd also continue leveraging our partnership with Kevin O'Leary. As my department's main product, Blueprint continued as the forefront of our business - we needed to elevate the client experience with email touch points. We aimed to incorporate UGC and more video assets into our asset library.

Inspiration / Mood Board

C Squared as an agency was created by two brothers that came from a family with alliterative names, hence the company's name. The "squared" aspect in the name didn't feel like it was incorporated into the name. 

The goal was to be intentional. The company specializes in pixel targeting and incorporating design pixels into our branding. Statistically red and green stand out amongst the feed and red resembles strength, power, and change which is what C Squared promotes. 


2022.11_C2_BP_new branding.png

Driven Dave

PERSONA 1: Young Entrepreneur
Sex: Female + Male
Age: 28-65
Location: US + Canada
Titles: CEO, CMO, Entrepreneur, Owner, Founder, President, CFO
User Behaviors: KOL Fanatic, Shark Tank Fan, Stock Investor, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Equity Crowd Funding


CEO Christa

PERSONA 2: CMO/CEO/Business Owner
Sex: Female + Male
Age: 28-65
Location: US + Canada
Titles: CEO, CMO, Entrepreneur, Owner, Founder, President, CFO
User Behaviors: Private Equity, 
Series Funding, Business Ownership, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. 5000 Rankings, Franchising


Brand Consulting
Branding & Identity
Brand and Marketing Strategy
Logo Design
Business Cards
Email Signatures
Email Campaign Design
Ad Campaign Design
Organic Social Design

Brand Positioning

C Squared was founded on the basis that marketing should be available to all businesses of all sizes. Their in-house specialists make them adaptable to all of their client's needs from large-scale campaigns to smaller budgeted like drives. C Squared is approachable, tech-forward, and focused on giving all clients a high-end agency experience. 

Ad Campaign +
Organic Social Content

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Email Marketing

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