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hello, i am your
fairy brand designer,

rose ross.

I have worked as a brand designer and brand manager for cumulatively four years. I live, eat, sleep branding - always staying on top of trends, finding the client's unique niche, and building a strategy to achieve their goals. Currently based in San Diego working at a Creative Digital Agency working with 50+ VIP brands. The goal is always to come up with strong and distinct brand identities based on research, creative innovation, and telling their individual story. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

the process.


Collaborate with clients to really understand their current branding, story, goals, services/product, and niche.

strategy + research.

The longest and most important step is to look at your company's current positioning in the market, compare it with competitors, study target demographics, and build the solution to obtain goals. 


creative development.

Time to put the strategy into action by bringing the vision of the brand to fruition. This includes looking at current market trends as well as making sure to approach decisions based on industry and audience.


Once reviewed and approved, then a plan gets put into place to make sure the branding is consistent across all platforms digitally and physically to start building brand awareness and trust. 


a new brand is born.

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Keisha, Owner/CEO
Owner/CEO - The Black Berry Cafe

When we hired Rose and her team to help with branding our coffee shop I had a couple of expectations. I expected to get colors and logos and design elements. I also expected to get ideas on how to share our concept with our target customers. What I did NOT expect was that Rose, after a couple of zoom calls, would be able to peer into my soul so deeply and extract the very essence of a dream that I lacked words or images to describe.


She gathered cues from my business plan, tone, body language, limited creative expression, and a random Pinterest board and created something magical. Our logo, design elements, and branding are SPOT ON!!! One of the most impressive features of the work is that this project required her to deeply immerse herself and gather the voice and the vibe of a DOPE coffee shop that honors and celebrates Black people and OUR culture. Well done sister. Well done. (Insert hugs)

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Danielle Leucht
Owner/CEO Of The Sunflowers

Biggest thank you to Rose Ross Design... she was too easy to work with and really took the time to figure out what makes me tick... she captured exactly what I was envisioning! My heart is so happy you are a blessing to me thank you, thank you!


I fought so long if I even needed a logo or branding, I mean I went without for a year… and what I’ve realized is that I am my brand! I feel like Rose captured me and my heart in these designs and that makes me so happy.